Bella and Lotti

August 03, 2014  •  1 Comment

This was an extremely emotional shoot for us back in January, Bella the Labrador was only 8 but had cancer of the kidneys, in these photo's she's was still an active and happy girl although her time here was a matter of weeks.



Bella's mum Sarah who's wedding we were lucky enough to shoot wanted images of her being her normal happy self, jumping in and out of the water and running around with the family on a walk like they did most weekends. We captured images of Bella running around with her Sister Labrador Lotti, they looked like they were having so much fun. 

Sadly Bella is now no longer with us…and has gone off to Rainbow Bridge…..



The most important part...don't for one second think that dogs they aren't family, they may have paws and a tail but its a tail that always wags for you and long after they've gone they will have left their paw prints across your heart.







Mary Coulson(non-registered)
Fantastic capture of the essence of Black Labradors. Brought tears to my eyes - v. soppy with the important members of the family.
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