The Furrtography Studio - Introducing Kizzy

August 26, 2015  •  4 Comments

The Furrtography Studio - Mossley

Introducing Kizzy the Lurcher Cross

A couple of weeks ago we had our CEO's best friend Kizzy come visit our new Photographic Studio in Mossley.  Kizzy is a Lurcher Cross and a Rescue Dog from Hounds First.

Kizzy is one of 10 pups born on the 28th August 2013 to mum Lena after she was taken into foster care by Hounds First Sighthound Rescue on the morning she was due to be put to sleep. She was lucky enough along with her brothers and sisters to find a very loving forever home.  

Kizzy is elegant, graceful and very beautiful, you can certainly see the Suluki in her. She has her own facebook page where you can keep up with her travels and adventures  - What Kizzy Did Next

Here are some of my favourites from her session.

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Lynn Sandelance(non-registered)
I am simply stunned at the beauty of Kizzy captured in these photos. She's a very pretty dog and this set of photos clearly capture that.

A black dog on a black background is not easy to capture, but it has been wonderfully achieved here.

A gorgeous set of prints.
Tracy Foster(non-registered)
Fab photos captured her beauty so well x
Sally May(non-registered)
Beautiful photos of a beautiful girl, I was lucky enough to be the person who fostered Kizzy and her brothers and sisters as puppies
Amazing photos and Kizzy looks so beautiful as always!
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