Bury Dog Photographer - Introducing Dottie

January 16, 2017  •  1 Comment

Bury Dog Photographer - Introducing Dottie the Dachshund

It's been such a successful 2016 for Furrtography, our best yet.  We have photographed so many beautiful breeds of Dogs and I thought it was time to get back to some blogging so you can see just how adorable those breeds were.

Meet Dottie the Dachshund.  She came to visit us at our studio in Mossley twice last year.  Here are some images from her 1st session with us.  She was a delight to photograph, her little tail didn't stop wagging!

She's a beautiful colour and was ever such the poser! Here are some of my favourites from her 1st session.

I am looking forward to meeting Dottie again this week and her little brother Rupert, he's a black and tan Puppy Dachshund and has just joined our Pup and Up program, I am so excited to be photographing him!!! :) 





Jen reid(non-registered)
Lovely photos. Surely the 2nd photo has to be an award winner? Its fab
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